SCC Group
The SCC Group, European leader in the shopping centre sector, is present in all fields of commercial property: shopping centres and business parks, marketing of premises located in city centres and in office buildings.

The SCC Group, with over 400 promotion, marketing and management experts, is present in Europe, in France, Belgium, Spain and Italy; and in the Middle East, through its subsidiary ASWAQ.

From its founding, the SCC Group has managed over 90 shopping centres in Europe and the Middle East, with over 2,500,000 m2 of GLA and close to 6,000 premises managed.
SCC France

22 Place Vendôme
75001 Paris
Tel.: + 33(0)1 42 60 33 77
Fax: + 33(0)1 42 60 93 32

SCC, from the opening of Partly 2 in 1969, has promoted many of the more well-known shopping centres in France, among others: Velizy 2, Rosny 2, Evry 2 and La Part-Dieu
At the current time it is present in the French market, managing over 80 shopping centres and retail spaces. Among them we can mention Bercy 2, Evry 2, Saint Genis 2, Les Halles, La Vache Noire, and also Le Métropole in Monaco.
SCC manages over 1,200,000 m2 of GLA and almost 2,000 retail outlets.
SCC has an extensive portfolio of clients among which we can highlight: LSGI, AXA Reim, MRM, Amundi and CBRE Global Investors.
SCC France has created SCC Vendôme, a team of professionals that advises the owners of property located in the best commercial areas of the city, principally in Paris, selecting the most prestigious international brands.

SCC Italia

Via Bagutta, 12
20121 Milano
Tel.: + 39 02 77 88 961
Fax: + 39 02 77 88 96299

SCC Italy was founded in 1987. Today it is present in Portogruaro (Venice) with the Adriatico shopping centre, in Novara with San Martino 2 (Novara), in Rome with Euroma 2 and also Aprilia 2 (Latina). These shopping centres, property of LSGI, together represent over 130,000 m2 of GLA with over 450 retail outlets. The Euroma 2 shopping centre, which opened its doors in 2008, today is one of the most important shopping centres in Italy, with a surface area of 51,000 m2 of GLA and 228 retail outlets.

SCC Belgium

SCC Bélgica
It Tower
Avenue Louise, 480, Boîte 12
1050 Bruxelles
Tel.: + 32 2 646 40 50
Fax: + 32 2 640 72 16

In 1978 SCCB opened one of the largest shopping centres in Belgium, City 2.

SCCB is present in Charleroi with Ville 2 and in Maasmechelen with M2.

Po Box 54154 Abu Dhabi Tel.: + 971 2 645 77 33 Fax: + 971 2 645 77 37 Aswaq Management & Services and its subsidiaries offer consultancy, sales and leasing and management services in the residential, retail and office sector in the UAE, Saudi Arabian, Iran, and Morocco.