Aqua Multiespacio

Aqua Multiespacio is a complex that consists of a shopping centre, offices and hotels. The building, with a contemporary design, is located in the most Cosmopolitan area of the city, where all the big events that are held in Valencia take place: City Circuit, City of Arts and Sciences, Ágora, etc.

The complex boasts a large shopping centre (36,000 m22), an office building (22,000 m2),), and two 3 and 4 star hotels (16,000 m2). The shopping centre has 99 retail outlets, arranged over 5 floors, as well 10 cinema screens, and 2,200 parking spaces. It is known for its extensive range of fashion and personal articles, and other leisure activities and dining options.

Its modern, spectacular design makes the Shopping Centre a striking yet harmonious space which is open to the elements to enable people to enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

Calle Menorca, 19
46023 - Valencia
Tel.: 96 330 84 29
Fax: 96 330 55 93
Propiedad: Oceanic Center

100 retail outlets
36.000m2 G.L.A.
10 Cinemas
2.400 Parking spaces
Mercadona Supermarket

Planos del centro

  • Planta Semisótano
  • Planta Primera
  • Planta Segunda
  • Planta Tercera
  • Planta Calle

Localización del centro